I am confident that I am the right candidate to be your 55th Assemblyman. With your help and God’s blessings we can make positive changes for our community. As your councilman I will fight for:

  1. CREATING EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES. One of the things that must be done at the federal level is to expand Head Start and Early Head Start. I will establish more “After School Program for our students. I will establish a greater working relationship with parents, guardians, teachers and school administrators. I will establish several “state of the art libraries” in the district. Uncle Roy will work to establish adult education and “job training” programs for “high schools drop –outs and re-entries in the community
  2. ATTACKING HIGH EMPLOYMENT. Unemployment, especially among our youth in the 55Assembly District is one of the highest in New York City. I will work with the private sector to create more development and investment in the community. Foster a better climate to do business that can translate into employment opportunities.

  3. DEALING WITH THE HEALTH CRISIS. The 55Assembly District ranks at the bottom of the pile when it comes to health disparities, outcomes and how much health related resources that we receive. I will harness the collective resources that we presently have, strengthen and develop new program that brings quality and affordable health care to all residents in the 55the Assembly District.

  4. ZERO TOLERANCE TO DOMESTIC VOILENCE. Whether it’s spousal, child or senior abuse I will have “Zero Tolerance” to these forms of domestic violence. I favor strong law enforcement and stiff penalties for those found guilty of such actions. I will advocate strengthen family intervention programs, counseling that help families in crisis and those that recommended remedial therapies for offenders as a part of a package of legal tools that both victims of domestic violence and perpetrators must attend.

  5. COMMUNICATION: I will work relentlessly with the community boards and the precinct councils to foster and establish better open communication and relationships between the authority and citizens.


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